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Yuzu & Rhubarb Sphere

Flavours of Yuzu and Rhubarb were used in this Entremet. We used the @silikomart Mul 3D 48mm mould, half sphere 20mm mould and half sphere [...]


Inspired by @yannbrys, we used flavors of grapefruit, litchi, cranberry and jasmine. Shop the @pavonitalia paranthesis mould.

Popcorn, White Chocolate Tartremet

We used the @pavonitalia 7cm perforated tart ring, as well as the @antoniobachour @pavonitalia Jasmine Silicone Mould. Flavors of Popcorn, Caramel and Hazelnut were used.


We recreated @Karimbourgi Citron. Shop the De Buyer 16cm Square Entremet to create this Lemon Entremet.