Almond Hazelnut Praline Paste 200g

Valrhona almond & hazelnut praline paste is one of the finest French pâtisserie ingredients made from richly flavoured Italian hazelnuts and Spanish almonds. The nuts are roasted, ground and caramelised to form a fine, semi-liquid caramelised praline. Hazelnut & almond praline paste is ideal for use in chocolaterie and pâtisserie.

Praline paste is used in the classic French pastry, Paris-Brest, created in 1891 to celebrate the Paris to Brest bicycle race. A circular choux bun topped with slivered almonds is filled with a decadent praline cream. Hazelnut praline paste also makes a great oozing filling for chocolates. Also try mixing hazelnut & almond praline paste with some melted milk chocolate and feuilletine to make a fabulously crunchy base for layered cakes.

The praline paste may separate slightly over time – stir well before use.

Ingredients: sugar, hazelnuts from Italy 25%, almonds from Spain 25%, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract. Milk (Made in factory that uses milk). This product may contain gluten, egg.