Silikomart Mini bar Ice cream Moulds Makes 24 Mini Ice Creams

The perfect fusion between geometrical shapes and elegance generates the platinic silicone moulds Mini Kube, Mini Pick and Mini Bar, perfect to prepare refined individual portions shaped as cubes, half cylinders and rectangles. They are perfect to make greedy chocolates on stick, tasty mini ice-cream finger food and also one bites in savoury version. The moulds resist to temperatures going from -76°F to +446°F, allowing their use in the oven and in the blast chiller. The package is composed by two moulds to make Mini Sticks, one polycarbonate black tray 12X40 cm (0.47×1.57 inches) and 50 wood sticks. Set 2 pcs Size: 60 x 20 h 20 mm Vol: 24 ml x 10 = 240 ml + 50 Sticks