Silikomart “Ode 50” Silicone Mold with 8 Cavities, Each 2.16 Inch Diameter x 0.98 Inch High

One 8-cavity silicone mold; makes eight baked- or frozen-food pieces in a round shape with a shallow indent on the top; the otherwise flat bottom of each cavity is rounded by a curved border; volume of each cavity 1.69 ounce (50 milliliters); dimensions of each cavity 2.16 Inch diameter by 0.98 inch high (55 millimeters diameter by 25 millimeters high)

The food in each cavity is frozen in your freezer or cooled in your fridge or baked in the heat of your oven into an “Ode 50” food product (the 50 indicating the volume of each cavity in milliliters); “ode” shape designed in collaboration with Pastry chef Angelo Musa, winner of France Cup, World Pastry Champion and Best Craftsman of France

Like all of Silikomart’s baking-and-freezing silicone molds, this white mold with sleek inside is made of platinum-cured liquid silicone rubber (lsr)–a high-purity 100-percent-food-safe material able to resist extreme temperatures of heat and cold; liquid silicone rubber is manufactured by a process called injection molding (versus cruder production method of stamping); injection molding yields a finished silicone product with ideal pliability/flexibility, durability and minuteness of detail

The non-stick surface of Silikomart silicone molds allows cake to pop out of them with ease and facilitates peeling the molds off your frozen food, meaning not only surprisingly easy removal of your food products but also convenient and quick cleaning of the molds; the silicone these molds are made of complies with FDA and CE regulations; it is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless; the silicone has no fillers (diluting agents) added; it does not add any flavor to food or take any flavor from food

Silikomart products are made in Italy from start to finish; the molds are safe in the dishwasher and microwave; temperature resistance -76F to 446 F.