Pavoni Pavocake Dentelle Silicone Mold
Pavocake by Cédric Grolet
* Mold dimensions: 180mm dia. x 65mm (7.1″ x 2.6″)
* Mold volume: 1200 ml (40.6 oz.)
* Non-stick with slick upper for easy removal of food and little cleaning
* Pliable for pushing out pastry product or peeling sheet off frozen food product
* Safe in convection ovens, static ovens and microwaves
* Resistant to cold (-40C / -40F) and heat (280C / 536F)
To clean a Pavoflex mold after use, rinse with hot water. If the mold is dirty, rub with soft sponge and mild soap (like the liquid kind used on dishes). To sanitize the mold, leave in oven for two minutes at 150C (302F).