Valrhona Almond Inspiration 500g
Nut couverture chocolate, Almond Inspiration by Valrhona.
Speciality made with ground almonds and cocoa butter.

Valrhona is opening up a new creative universe to artisans through groundbreaking Fruit Couvertures. With this new range, Valrhona brings together the natural colors and intense flavors of fruit and nuts with the unique texture of chocolate.

Almond Inspiration is the first ever creation from Inspiration, an all-new range of fruit and nut couverture chocolates.

It has been made to enhance the ways we can use nuts in chocolate, pastries and ice cream and is aimed at professionals looking for the extra special je ne sais quoi that will make them stand out. Almond Inspiration gives them the pure, natural flavor of almonds combined with the unique texture of chocolate.

It is similar in color to green almonds and can be used just like a couverture chocolate in molds, mousses, cream mixes, ganaches, ice creams, sorbets and even as a coating. The pure, intense taste of this almond couverture with honey notes blends particurlarly well with sel de Guerande, citrus fruits such as kumquat, forest fruits such as redcurrants, tirphal pepper and even ginger or lemongrass.