Silikomart Kit Lady Queen Tortaflex Mold, set of 2 molds
The kit includes:
1 savarin silicone mold (item number: sav160/80) Inner Mold Size: 160mm diameter x 40mm H. Volume: 532ml / 17.98 oz.
1 savarin silicone mold (item number: sav180/60) Outer Mold Size: 180mm diameter x 50mm H. Volume: 981m. / 33.17 oz.

Create 2 layered savarin desserts with this fabulous Kit Lady Queen Tortaflex. First fill and freeze the smaller savarin mold. Then place it into the unfrozen batter or cream of the larger savarin mold. Freeze the two together for a single savarin dessert with an inner core. If you used batter, you can not stick it into the oven to bake. Mold can withstand cold temperatures down to -76F (-60C) and to heat up to 446F (230C).