These culinary workshops take place in a practical classroom and give participants as much exposure as possible to the environment of a professional kitchen. Only 16 people per practical room under supervision of one our specialty bakers, to work on techniques and recipes from A to Z. The day of their workshop, all participants will enjoy a 10% discount at “The Stylish Baker” and will receive an apron, and detailed notes.
Entremet’s and tarts have become hugely popular, and the pâtisserie trend is on the rise. Visually stunning and flavoured in a myriad different ways.
This 9 hour ‘hands-on’ course will teach you how to make the perfect Tartremet, a combination of a tart and entremet, layered and decorated to perfection.
Skills you will learn
Basic pâtisserie terminology
Steps to create the perfect Tartremet Perfecting the tart
Presentation ideas
This workshop is suitable for beginners, apprentice bakers or those who are passionate about cuisine and want to perfect their techniques.
Date: TBA
Time: 8am till 5pm
Location: Salt River, Cape Town